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  1. Ακαδημία ΚΕΡΑΥΝΟΥ: 30 χρόνια κληρονομιά!
  2. Όλα κρίνονται στον Στρόβολο!
  3. Αγώνας Πρωταθλήματος “Sprint Triathlon”
  4. Play-off_G.4: AEΛ vs ΚΕΡΑΥΝΟΣ (58-52)
  5. U16(Γ): ΑΠΟΕΛ vs ΚΕΡΑΥΝΟΣ (26-61)


Since 1988, the club is focused nearly 100% in basketball and Keravnos Basketball Academies are considered as being the most dynamic and the most professional all over the island.

Currently the Academy has over 300 members.

Head of the Academy is Mr. George Vlassopoulos, the ex -coach of Greek National Teams U18 and U19, winners (2008) of the European Championship and runners up (2009) of the World Championship respectively.