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Fred Sheppard & Eddie Collins - 1988-89

First Americans to win the first double for the club history

Rodney Monroe - 1997-98

The cold blooded scoring machine who helped Keravnos to reach the second round of the European Cup against Zalgiris Kaunas of Coach Kazlauskas

Rowan Barrett - 2000-2001

The captain of the Canadian NT, who helped the team to win the double, and reach the top 8 teams of the European Cup Winners (Saporta) Cup

Patric Lee & Bernard King - 2006-2008

The unforgettable guards who had the leading role at the journey to the Final of the EuroCup Challenge against Samara

Lance Blanks - 1996-97 & George Ackles - 1996-98

The amazing duet who won the second double of the club history

Ira Newble & Ed Stokes - 1999-2000

Winners of Keravnos 3rd championship.

George Banks - 2003-2004 / 2005-2006

The amazing power forward, the MVP of the unforgettable Cup Final against Ael in 2006, scoring all of his first seven 3-point shots (8-11 overall) leading the team to win by one point

Guy Pnini - 2008-2009

The Israeli Captain of Maccabi Tel Aviv and the winner of 2014 Euroleaque

Other notable foreign players of Keravnos

Lowell Hamilton (1994-95), Scottie Thurman (1998-99), Borgo Radovic (2004-2005), Davor Pejcinovic (2005-2006), Alexander Koul (2006-2007), Bryant Smith (2007-2010), Carmelo Lee Anthony ( 2009-2010), Lonnie Cooper (2009-2010), Tony Crocker (2012-2013)