Maksym Mikhelson (Cherkaski coach)
“It was a really hard game. Team Keravnos played very good basketball, really better than the first game at Cherkaski. It was a good job by the coach. His team played well today. Congratulations to my team for qualifying to the next round”.

Brandon Young (Cherkaski player)
“The opponent came strong in the match. We knew we had a tough game ahead of us, and a battle. We played the right to come away with the qualification. It was a tough game. They battled overall and it was a good game”.

Christoforos Livadiotis (Keravnos coach)
“I want to congratulate Cherkaski and the coach for the qualification. They are a really good team who really well together. They won the championship last season and they have the same guys on the roster, which gave them an advantage cause it’s the beginning of the season. They did a really good job and were organized. About my team, we gave a good fight. We showed that we are very close with the opponent and if I take out the 3rd quarter of the first game we were evenly matched. We needed to win by five points to qualify and we won by three which really hurts. We were up by five at the last defense and had two fouls to give but didn’t make it. I don’t blame my players, I trust them and we have a long season ahead of us and we will learn from this experience. Basketball is all about the little details”.

Simon Michael (Keravnos player)
“I would like to congratulate the opponent for advancing. Both teams were tough. They defended their home win. We did a great job today, we showed toughness and we kept an 85-point team to just 61”.

FIBA Europe Cup