Zoran Lukic (Coach Nizhny):“I would like to congratulate the opponents for their good game, they may not be satisfied with the result, but they were good defensively. They had some difficult decisions in offense, since they were tired in the end, because of a small rotation for this level, which in the end helped us to reach the win. I know how they played in the Basketball Champions League play offs against Avtodor so we know that we only won the 1st match and we need to prepare well the next week. My player on my left (Maksim Grigoryev) is coming back from a difficult injury and he showed he can be the old Grigoryev and I hope he will help us in the rest of the season”.

Christoforos Leivadiotis (coach Keravnos):“Congratulations to Nizhny and the coach, they were better in the court. In regards of the speed of the game, they were two levels above us. It was not easy for us to follow the rhythm they played for 40 minutes. We did our scouting and we watched many games of Nizhny and I must say that the position they have in the VTB League is not the position they deserve. I believe they will make the play offs of VTB League. About my team, we knew it was going to be difficult but we are not satisfied with the result. But no one expected for us to reach this far in the season, we recorded nine wins and my players deserved to be here. I am proud for my team and my players for their run in the FIBA Europe Cup. We will now go to Russia and try to take something from the game. Again congratulations to Nizhny”.

Maksim Grigoryev (player Nizhny): “It was not an easy game for us. It was just the first game between the two teams and the point difference should let us be a little relaxed, but the opponent showed that we can’t relax. They returned from 17 points in the match. We need to be focused in the 2nd game”.

George Theocharides (player Keravnos): “Congratulations to Nizhny for their win and the game they played. I’m very proud for my team and my teammates. We took a long road to reach here. We fought with all our power but of course Nizhny is a better team. We are proud and happy about the performance of the team in general”.