Erik Braal (Groningen coach): “I would like to congratulate first the coach and the team for their good win. We played two kinds of half’s, the first half we played much better, moved the ball better and were patient in offense. In the second half we had some good open looks, especially in the end but we missed the shots to win the game. Congratulations to Keravnos, they earned the victory”.

Sean Cunningham (Groningen player): “Congratulations to Keravnos. They showed great effort tonight. They played like a team, were better than the last time we met and we got to give them credit”.

Christoforos Livadiotis (Keravnos coach): “Thanks to the coach and the player for their congratulations. It is a very big win for us. Groningen, for this level in the FIBA Europe Cup, is an amazing team, I also said this at the first game when we played them. The loss by 40 points in the first game is not the actual difference of the teams, but they are one extremely organized team, that plays modern basketball with a lot of movement. It was very tough for us to take this game. From the first to the second game we made adjustments defensively to find the way to keep them in front of us and take the game. They move extremely well without the ball so we had to make some adjustments. The game could have gone both sides, it went to the last shot. The team with the most luck won, something that always happens when the game goes to the last shot. We have to congratulate my players, they were down most of the game and we managed to take the game. Finishing, I would like to say about the Europe Cup, we have one game left, away in Cluj. We found the way to stay alive to the last game. The team that wins at Cluj will qualify and we will go to do our best and try to take the victory”.

Dalton Pepper (Keravnos player): “Groningen is a very good team, they play well together, they moved the ball well.  They have chemistry, something you can see. Our defense is what helped us to stay in the game in the second half. We held them in the 3rd quarter to win and we fought hard”.