Keravnos Strovolou (Cyprus) head coach statement after Game 2 against Avtodor.

Keravnos head coach: Christophoros Livadiotes

“It was a very tough game. Today we showed our character and tried to do our best. With 4 minutes to go we were winning by 11 points and were really close to reach the next round. I’m very proud of my players. Just trust me it’s not so easy to come here from Cyprus and to lead by 11 points during the game against the big Russian club. I’d like to wish Avtodor and the Italian coach Andrea Mazzon who is a really good personality a good luck in the upcoming season. I’m sure he’ll achieve big heights with Avtodor in the future.

What was a secret of your successful performance tonight against Avtodor?

It’s clear that defensively we did almost nothing in the first game in Cyprus. We discussed this topic with the players and came here being focused on the defensive part. We played very aggressively in defense and followed the plan. We received only 63 points from Avtodor on their court. I believe everything was coming from the defense and that’s the reason of our victory.”