Captain of Keravnos Strovolou Basketball at Fiba Europe Cup website

  • It has been an exciting season for Keravnos, what are your expectations and goals heading into the Play-Offs?

We entered this competition without any kind of previous experience as the club was out of the European competitions for many years so the goals we set at the beginning were simple. To enjoy every game, to play for the club and to gain experiences that they will help us to improve as a team and as individuals. Those are the goals for the Play-Offs as well.

  • You have been drawn against Nizhny Novgorod. What are your impressions about the results of the draw and your Round of 16 opponent?

A team which qualified to the Round of 16 means that they are a very good team. My opinion is that in this phase we are going to watch many games between different equal teams and the qualification at the most couples will be decided at the details. At the round of 16 we are going to face Nizhny Novgorod a very good and experience team and off course they are the favorite to qualify. We will play with passion and we will fight hard like we always do and in the end we will see what we achieved.

  • Other than your own club, who would you point out as the main favorite to win the FIBA Europe Cup and, in a sentence or two, explain your selection?

I would point out Avellino as the favorite. They play in one of the most competitive leagues in Europe (Lega A) and they seem to be the best team from the 16.